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‘’The Craft House” offers international deliveries to most countries of the European Union, the USA, and Canada at advantageous conditions. The shipping cost is fixed for the listed countries for all shipments regardless of the number, size, or weight of ordered items. We recommend purchasing more than one piece at a time to lower your cost per item purchased. We offer free shipping on orders over 300 $. After you have added items to your basket, click on Shopping Cart button and enter your destination to get a shipping estimate. Usually, the delivery takes up to three - four business days. 

Please, take note of that duty charges and all other expenses are your obligation in the countries with customs control.

If your order has a ship-to destination that is not on our list, please contact us for details.

Countries and prices

Greece, Romania - 10.59 $

Germany, Austria, Hungary - 12.43 $

Belgium, United Kingdom, Denmark, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, France,  Netherlands, Croatia, Czech Republic, Vatican City - 12,43 $

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Monaco, Norway, OAE, Portugal, Spain, Sweden - 18.69 $

Switzerland - 18.69 $

USA, Canada - 14.21 $

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